One word can sum up the staff at Sarver Eye Clinic. Excellent. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the service is optimum. We've been patients for several years and continue to be impressed with our experiences. Dr Donlan's easy going approach to her craft and her new age infused techniques impressed us so much so that we don’t mind the commute from the South Side to Sarver.
I am writing today to express my deepest appreciation for your work saving my eyesight. As you probably recall, I came to you because of an object in my eye. You removed it but the additional testing to check my retinas showed significant tears in both. Your diagnosis and immediate action, calling a retinal specialist close by and staying with my problem pushing to insure I was seen that evening and surgery was done as soon as I got to the surgeon is the only reason I have vision today. In a follow up visit you noted a small blood vessel rupture and asked key questions. The rupture wasn’t particularly dangerous but you asked about family history for carotid artery disease and my father had that. You told me I needed to see my family physician and suggest an ultrasound to detect the same disease as my dad and the test revealed exactly that. Your diagnostic ability is remarkable and I travel quite a distance to see you but I can’t imagine receiving equal care anywhere else. My son Tim, asked me who I saw for my eyes as his have been a problem since birth. His experience with you was equally effective as you were able to fit him with glasses that eliminated the bifocal which has always been a hassle for him. The eyewear you recommended for him for safety glasses and regular eyewear have been terrific. We both convey our deepest thanks for your interest in our needs and the solutions you were able to provide us to solve several serious problems.
My pre-teen son is a patient of Dr. Donlan. He was not very happy when he learned that he needed glass. Dr. Donlan and her staff made the entire process pleasurable. They were  knowledgeable, professional and energetic. Their office was clean and had a large selection of eye glasses. We were very pleased!
Dr. Donlan provides my family with excellent care at Sarver Eye Clinic.  We followed her from her previous practice in Kittanning because I love the down-to-earth approach she has with my children.  She made them feel at ease the first time they met her. Sarver Eye Clinic has a wonderful selection of kids’ frames and her staff was very helpful when my son needed to special-order sports glasses. Dr. Donlan and her staff are very courteous and are willing to go the extra mile to make her patients happy.